Google spread sheet

A Google spreadsheet is a utility that we use to record information. We used the program today to compare a range of different things between people and even classes. Other ways we could use this program is if you were doing a project on something or someone or you could even record sports player information. In the end I think our class 7D is way better because some of us went to Jamo!!

Term 4 goals!!

I was fairly happy with my term 3 report. I got highs in almost all my subjects and performed to the best of my ability. My term 4 goals are to get highs in every single one of my subjects, complete all my work to the best of my ability, to not socialize with my friends and focus on my work. I also need to listen better to instructions given and behave to the best of my ability.

Cyber Safety

In Ilearn today we learnt about cyber safety. It has made me think about what I put on social media and how to make it a lot more safe. I now realise that there are people out there who are trying to hunt us down. 5 tips about being safe are:

-Report fake profiles

-Do not post inappropriate content online

-Do not join offensive online groups or ‘like’ ofensive online content

-Do not talk to strangers and don’t accept friend requests if you don’t know the person

-Don’t give out personal information to anyone

Report Reflection

I thought that my report was fairly good . I am at the level I want to be for all my subjects and have worked as hard as I can. I have completed all my work requirements to the best of my ability. I didn’t fail any of my subjects and got good feedback from my teachers. Overall I was very happy with my report.


One of my achievements this semester was not failing any of my subjects. It was a goal that I made at the start of the year and I have achieved that. I am very happy with the way I have gone this semster and will hopefully continue with the work I am doing next semester.



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